The latest models in Child Booster seats/cushions group 3, are designed so they can have their backs removed, and can be used as booster cushions instead. These seats have minimal safety and are light and convenient. They are ideal for kids who weigh over 22kgs.

Incase of making a shot trips to and from the school, these seem to be quite useful. It is a good alternative to the adult seat belt by itself. As it will allow the car seat belt to fit better diagonally across the child’s shoulder.

Newer booster seats are designed to give side impact protection as well as protect the child from frontal impact.

The side impact protection in booster cushions don’t really give any protection incase of a side impact, as most of the cushioning is at the base and there is no protection from the sides..

Booster cushions are designed to fit securely on a car seat and are held in place by the adult belt. An ordinary cushion must not be used, as these can’t be secured. In case of an accident the child is likely to slide under the seat belt.

Child Booster cushions, can be used in the front seat or the rear seat of the car. It is always a safer option to put them in the rear of the car, specially if the passenger airbags are activated in the front.

The regulations for booster cushions are being reviewed. Some reports suggest changes to booster seats would come around December 2016. According to the new law booster seats will only be allowed for children who are taller than 125cm and weight more than 22kgs.