There are a lot of things to consider when buying car seats for your child. And with so much information out there it can get a little scary and confusing when deciding what is the right way to move forward when choosing the right car seat for your child.

We have read around, heard what people are talking about the products the good and the bad, and have come up with a list of the important things we think you should consider before you buy a baby car seat.

  1. Decide before hand if you are going to be traveling with your baby on long journeys often, then you might want to consider having a “ — “ as one of the features provided by the car seat you choose for you kid. Safety and comfort first, I say.
  2. This is more a default point, as mostly all cars seats are manufactured to the UN ECE REG 44.03 standard. And is indicated by the letter ‘E’ being displayed on the seat. So it’s just a point to bear in mind.
  3. The seat also should confirm to the new ECE Law 129 (i-Size)
  4. Check the baby car seat is compatible with your vehicle seats.
  5. If you have a small three door car, I would recommend considering a Car Base System. (it help secure the child seat better)
  6. If you think you would be moving your kids often from one car to another, then you might want to consider features like, “light yet sturdy” and easy to move around cars.

Along with the above points, the links below go into a bit more detail for each age group along with the different kinds of seats available in each category. We have broken them down into different groups depending on weight and height.


Infant Car Seats

Age (Group) – 0 / upto 10kgs / from 6-9 months


Age (Group) – 0+ / upto 13kgs / upto 15 months


Toddle Car Seats (Or) Child Booster Seats

Age (Group) – 1,2,3 / 9kgs – 25kgs / from 9 months upto 6 years


Booster Seats / Cushions

Age (Group) – 3 / 22kgs – 36kgs / from 6 years upto 11 years