Here are the top five things to consider before buying a pushchair or pram for your children


  1. Safety and comfort

This is always going to be the number one priority while buying most things for our children.

A new born baby is always kept in the lying position. It is generally a good idea to buy a  pushchair/carrycot combination. Or a pushchair with a recliner so the baby can lie down on the back.


      2. Storage

Here you have to consider storage in three places.

  • Space at home

If where you live has space constraints, or you are just someone who likes to keep things out of sight, you would definitely want to consider something that is small enough to fold up and put away easily, but yet steady enough to keep the baby safe when on the move.

  • Space on the pram

If your someone who’s on the move a lot, you might find having storage spaces provided by the pushchairs a useful option. We all need to carry baby food, nappies, a pair of clothes to change for the baby and so on. This storage does come in handy.

  • Space in the car

Trying to make space to keep your child’s bags and food in the car can be quite a task, especially if you have a child car seat as well. Make sure to choose a pram that is light and compact to store away easily in your car

     3. Moving Around

Consider the surroundings your mostly going to be moving the pushchair in. If your someone who’s going to frequent the parks often or someone who likes to walk a lot, then maybe you would want to consider a Swivel wheels pushchairs, as they easy to manoeuvre. While fixed wheel pushchairs are easier on smooth surfaces.  Again if you are someone who has to climb a lot of stairs in the day then considering a light weight pushchair would be a good option.

If you use public transport a lot, you might want to consider something light.

If you use the car, you want to make sure it fits in the car seat well.


     4. Usability

You want to stretch the use of the pram for more than six months. Another thing to consider would be if you could use it as a carrycot and a pushchair combination. The 3 in 1 combination pushchairs are usually suitability for babies up to 12 months old.


     5. Height and Brakes

It is a good idea to get a feel of what the pushchair is like when the breaks are used. Are they easy to locate and not messy when trying to reach it. Are the breaks reliable and not flimsy.

Another things to consider is how easy is it to handle for you and your partner. Incase you’ll are tall, you might want to consider a pushchair that has a adjustable handle height for you to stretch and hold the pushchair easily.