There are a number of different types of seats that are available in the market and it can get a bit confusing as to which one would be the right one for your child.

Below you will find the different kinds of child seats available in the U.K. This list should help you narrow down your search for the best child seat.


Rearward-facing Child seats

 According to law, infants and babies need to be carried in a rearward-facing seats, at least for the first nine months or until they are able to sit upright without assistance. This position helps keep the baby safe from injuries during a crash.

These seats are usually well padded from both sides, with high impact absorbing materials. This helps the baby be safe in both, the sitting or the laying down position. They usually come with a five-point harness that helps keep the baby more secure as well.

Rearwards facing seat are usually available for

You also have the option of choosing between

  • Isofix seats and i-size seats (rearward facing)
  • A seat that could be fitted with a car’s seatbelt.


Forward Facing Child Seats

Once a child has outgrown a rearward-facing seat, the next option for them is to use the next group of child seats available. A forward facing seat, is designed in such a way so as to protect the child from impact and the five-point harness helps to hold the child securely in place.

Forward facing seat are usually available for

  • Group 0+
  • Group 1/2/3

You can usually choose between

  • Child Seats with a Harness
  • Child seats with forward Cushion Impact

You also have the option of choosing a child seat that is fitted

  • With the cars seat belt or
  • Is a Isofix forward facing seat
  • Or i-Size Forward Facing Seat (As i-Size is fairly new, it is not widely in use at the moment)


High Backed Booster Seats

When a child has outgrown the group 1 forward facing seat, the next best option is to move them up to the Group 2/3 high-backed booster seats. These seats do not use an internal harness to secure the child, it instead uses the car’s seat belt that goes around the child and the seat.

Some booster seats have adjustable head and back support, which can be adjusted according to the child’s height. These kind of seats can be used in the front passenger seat or in the rear car seat. However it is always safe to have the children secure in the back seat.

High backed booster seats are usually available for

The options available in High Backed Booster seats

  • Fitting booster seats
  • Isofix booster seats


Booster Cushions

Some High backed booster seats could also be used as Booster cushions by removing the back of the seat. However this is not advisable, as it does not provide the best protection to your child.

A Booster cushion basically increases the height of the child’s seat, thus enabling the seat belt to fit in a proper manner around the child. Booster seats can be used in the front seat or the rear of the car. As always it is advisable to have the children in the back seat while driving.

Booster Seats are usually available for

  • Group 2/3

These booster seats are at the moment only available as Fitted booster cushions, which use the car’s seat belt to secure the child.