Types of Pushchairs and Prams

A pram is designed more for new born babies since they have to be mostly positioned in the lying down position.

While pushchairs are would see your children through their toddler years.

With a wide variety of pushchairs and prams they would obviously be a lot of different features available to suite each ones individual needs.

Some of the features available are

  • Pushchairs with recliner seats
  • 3 wheel pushchairs
  • Swivel wheels pushcairh
  • Forward and rearward facing travel seats


Buggies and Strollers

Buggies and Strollers are usually light in weight, easy to carry around and fold up and store in small places. If you use public transport frequently, then this is the idea thing for your child.

Some of the features available are

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to manoevre
  • Compact
  • Reclined seats


Travel Systems ( 2in1)

A complete travel system usually consists of a carrycot which is designed to fit in the car, according to law. And it can also be used as a pushchair as the carrycot system allows you to plug the cot straight on the pushchair. This is quite handy if you don’t want to wake your baby up, as its easy to move around. A feature that is available in the travel system, is where you can choose a recliner carrycot which keeps your baby in the lying position, as required.

Some of the features available are

  • Recliner seats
  • Easy to manoeuvre
  • Forward and rearward facing


Tandem / Double pushchairs

Tandem or double pushchairs are basically two chairs for your children. You could have them either side by side or one in front of the other.

They usually are position one behind the other. They are designed for two kids of different ages. One is usually suitable from birth, while the other chair is for older children. They are ideal for families with two kids, allowing you to take both the kids together.

Newer designs have a optional feature that allows you to attach the second chair, when the need arises.

Some of the features available are

  • Recliner seats in the back for the little one
  • Suitable for children of different age groups
  • Some models have infant carrier seats