What is Isofix, is a question that comes to every parents mind when buying a child car seat. Isofix is an international standard for attachment points to be followed by car manufactures and baby car seat manufacturers. The main purpose of the Isofix system is to define standard attachment points to be installed in a car. This system enables complaint child safety seats to be quickly and securely fitted.


A isofix system is designed with fitting points which are fitted into your car seat as well as the baby child seat. This system helps you easily clip the child seat into the car.


The Isofix seats, covers both the Group 0/0+ and Group 1 child seats as well. For Group 2/3 sets there is a system which holds onto the seat of the vehicle so it cannot slide around when not used.


These seat can either be attached to the Top Tether in the car. A Top tether is basically a strap made of fabric that secures the child seat with the tether point.


The other option is to have a Support Leg, which is fitted to the child seat and is extended to the floor of the car. This prevents the child seat moving forward incase of a collision. They are easier to use than the Top Tether fitting.


ISOFIX seats are available in mostly, all groups and is a good idea to have one of them for added security for your child, and for your peace of mind.