With the arrival of your little bundle of joy, you have to prepare for parenthood along with purchasing loads of stuff. For a new mommy, from convenient to time saving and fun to functional the right accessories for your little one could take off the stress out of the hectic days and sleepless nights.

The baby merchandise is huge and is filled to the brim with newborn baby essential list options than any possible parent could possibly be thinking off. You would find some real interesting stuff in shops for your baby. Listed below are the top 5 baby products that you should get if your bundle of joy is yet to come or has arrived already.


1. Mixie Formula-Mixing Baby Bottle

This formula shaker by  is BPA, PVC-free and phthalates is the best baby bottle in the market right now. This formula shaker happens to have an airtight storage system which allows the formula to stay dry until the time comes to mix the formula. The patented system comes with a compartment lid which couples as an instigator to ascertain that the formula is mixed perfectly. That would save new mommies and daddies a lot of time! It sure did mine!


2. Snuza Go

SIDS is every parents’ worst nightmare and the worst possible thing to happen. The Snuza Go is certainly a wise choice for baby products that I will personally recommend to all. Snuza Go screens your baby’s abdominal breathing and alerts you if it is weak, irregular or (God forbid) no movement. There is no long procedure just clip a small, soft and flexible device on to your little one’s diaper. The handheld monitor is wireless as well as portable. You could take it along with you on the go when your toddler would sleep after tiring you and himself!


3. Comotomo Baby Bottle

Babies tend to be real choosy for being so little I say! Some are in favor of breast milk and rather throw the bottle. That’s where Comotomo bottle will save your day (or 45-minutes of your me-time rather). The medical grade silicone body of the Comotomo is just like the real deal. Squeezable and soft it is just the right bottle to fool your wee one for some time.


4. Vera Bradley Diaper Bag

With babies everything is a lot. Lots of toys, clothes and of course, lots of mess too. Babies can need diaper bag anytime. Hauling the diaper bag then finding the right place to change the messy diaper is too much. With this Vera Bradley Diaper bag, all your diaper changing problems are solved. It comes with a detachable changing pad, six roomy interior pockets, two elastic slip exterior pockets and the two bottle space makes it the ideal diaper bag for you!


5. Puj Flyte Baby Bath

Babies love baths. But while you are out or at someone’s place it becomes wee bit difficult to handle the hyper baby. Though I always wonder what excites my little one about water! With Puj Flyte you can forget about leaning over tub. You can bathe your baby in any sink at all. The incredible quality which makes it a must-have baby product is that its flexible material forms to fit your sink wherever you are. Bring lightweight and portable, it can lie flat in that trunk of yours.